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Pittā Dosha is influenced by the impact of the fire element in the hair that slowly consumes the energy characteristic to thinning hair. It pushes the texture to be fine and frail with a dearth in volume.

With our 135 years of Ayurvedic knowledge, we crafted the ‘Vatika Ayurveda Strengthening Range’ such that you can replenish the depleted strength and bring back your hair to life with a regime that actually cares to make a difference. Notice the change take over, gifting you long lasting volume, a beautiful luster and a dreamy fullness.

Vatika Ayurveda Strengthening Range

Ingredient Journal

Aloe (Kumari)

packs the hair with a rejuvenated boost and nurtures growth in a natural way.

False Daisy(Bhringraj)

is well-known as the ‘King of Herbs’ and true to its name gives your hair an ultimate soothing and strengthening experience.

Pittā Range Profile


Blends of
Ayurvedic Herbs Extracts

and Growth

For Fine,
Thinning Hair

No Sulphates,
No Parabens


Animal Testing

Enter Our World of Pittā

Vatika Ayurveda Strengthening Hair Oil

Step into a world of nourishing strength that begins from the roots, rejuvenating the scalp all the way to the tips. Our rich ayurvedic oil benefits through replenishing essential strength and helping in balancing the hair distresses.

Expert Advice

Made with dedicated ingredients, our ayurvedic strengthening oil is all about balancing the scattered feelings your hair may be going through. Following the generations of oiling rituals, find a calming moment every time you massage.

Directions to use

Warm the oil bottle in a bowl of water for 30 seconds

Part your hair and spray evenly in each section, mindfully moving your fingers, massaging in a circular motion

Relax and breathe in for 20 minutes connecting with your inner hair strength

Rinse with Vatika Ayurveda Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner

Vatika Ayurveda Strengthening Shampoo

Made with the finest, natural extracts, our shampoo gently washes away the impurities while enriching the scalp with real nourishment. It enriches the hair right from the roots towards a healthier growth while energizing the scalp for an invigorating experience.

Expert Advice

We always advice that a little amount goes a long way. Through a dedicated hair regimewherein hair is cleansed on a routine basis, the desired results for strength and growth can be easily ticked off with our rich shampoo nourishment.

Directions to use

Squeeze a generous amount on to your palms

Gently massage all over the scalp to graciously spread the shampoo for an ideal cleanse

Rinse and repeat taking in the natural fragrance

Follow with Vatika Ayurveda Strengthening shampoo for a wholesome experience

Vatika Ayurveda Strengthening Conditioner

Discover the ultimate remedy to redefine your hair with smoothness and resilience.Find a holistic care that seals in nourishment to reinforce natural strength to prevent breakage. It also helps smoothen your strands.

Expert Advice

We understand the science of nurturing hair the way they deserve to be loved. Our strengthening conditioner is formulated with a rich texture that glides smooth like butter through each strand. We also shower love on all hair types – normal to dry.

Directions to use


Squeeze a generous amount on to your palms

Work graciously from mid lengths to the tips

Let the nutrients soak for 2-3 minutes as you relax

Rinse thoroughly and follow our complete ‘Vatika Ayurveda Strengthening’ hair regime

Vatika Ayurveda Strengthening Hair Mask

Experience an enriching aromatic care that gives an affirming health replenishment to your hair, soothing the scalp. The cleansing ritual carries nutrition that conditions while delicately treating the strands promoting resilience, well-being and your hair’s mood - instantly.

Expert Advice

Applying hair mask is as essential as carrying out self care with face masks for this process too upholds the thought of wellbeing and infusing an overall strength. Feel the uplifting energy embrace your hair when you regularly take care and follow a dedicated routine with Vatika Ayurveda Strengthening range.

Directions to use

After shampooing or normal wash, apply hair mask generously on your hair

Massage hair and scalp gently with fingertips to distribute evenly

You may keep your hair wrapped in a warm towel for 10-15 minutes, breathing in the aromatic love

Rinse off as usual. Follow our Vatika Ayurveda Strengthening Hair Regime for best results