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Hair that expresses Vatā traits is bound to face dryness and damage. The wavy texture, dominated by the wind element, can often feel lackluster as it struggles to hold on to moisture.

Keeping your hair’s needs as priority and using our 135 years of Ayurvedic knowledge, we’ve curated ‘Vatika Ayurveda Moisturizing Range’ that gifts the right hydration therapy to nurture hair back to its original vitality.

Vatika Ayurveda Moisturizing Hair Range

Ingredient Journal

Licorice Root

is an ayurvedic herb that works to control unmanageable hair by detangling each strand with finesse.

Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi)

as an herbal remedy heals the modern hair with natural growth and slows down hair fall caused by daily stressors.

VATĀ Range Profile


Blends of
Ayurvedic Herbs


For Brittle &
Damaged Hair

No Sulphates,
No Parabens


Animal Testing

Enter Our World of Vatā

Vatika Ayurveda Moisturizing Hair Oil

Nourish your hair by locking in hydration that improves the hair’s texture, making it softer and heals from the roots to to ends. Fulfill your hair’s moisture needs without weighing the hair down.

Expert Advice

Our non-greasy, easily absorbed natural hair oil is symbolic to our belief ingiving your hair, a trustworthy care. Contrary to staying away from sticky, oily concoctions, we hope to draw you towards a healthier love for hair care.

Directions to use

Warm the oil bottle in a bowl of water for 30 seconds

Part your strands & spray evenly in each section

Relax for 20 minutes as you massage the oil in a gentle circular motion

Rinse with Vatika Ayurveda Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

Vatika Ayurveda Moisturizing Shampoo

Cleanse your scalp with intense hydration that gently works to tame your dry, brittle hair, repairing them to a happily manageable, lustrous harmony. Quench your hair’s longing for moisture.

Expert Advice

We believe in the concept of a little going a long way. Our specially crafted curecontains bespoken blends of nature where even the least usage results in properly conditioned and desired shine.

Directions to use

Squeeze a generous amount on to your palms

Enjoy the calm as you delicately massage the formula from the roots to the ends

Rinse and repeat relaxing in the peaceful regime

Follow with Vatika Ayurveda Moisturizing Conditioner for a wholesome experience

Vatika Ayurveda Moisturizing Conditioner

Hydrate and seal a perfect balance of moisture while letting go off dry and damaged hair. Discover a deep nourishment that satisfies the hair’s want of suppleness and transforms them into a smooth, happily manageable, lustrous harmony.

Expert Advice

Smaller amounts used can really make a whole difference to give your haira whole new life. With one conditioner, you achieve three desired results – conditioning, protection and smoothness.

Directions to use

Squeeze a generous amount on to your palms

Work graciously from mid lengths to the tips

Let the nutrients soak for 2-3 minutes as you relax

Rinse thoroughly. Follow our Vatika Ayurveda Moisturizing Hair Regime for best results

Vatika Ayurveda Moisturizing Hair Mask

Pamper your hair and scalp with a burst of hydration that improves elasticity while replenishing the hair’s original vitality. Harmonize your hair’s breaths as you let go of dryness and damage right from the inner core.

Expert Advice

With a desire for enriching care, your hair can really benefit from hair mask just as much as your face does. Our formulas are curated to look after damage and brittleness for a smooth, soft texture packed with nature’s kindness.

Directions to use

After shampooing or normal wash, apply hair mask generously on your hair

Massage hair and scalp gently with fingertips to distribute evenly

You may keep your hair wrapped in a warm towel for 10-15 minutes, breathing in the aromatic love

Rinse off as usual. Follow our Vatika Ayurveda Moisturizing Hair Regime for best results